I hate raccoon eyes, please help
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I have tried a zillion mascaras and still have not found one that is truly waterproof. Even DIOR!!!!  I hate raccoon eyes, please help!

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I have not worn my mascara in the shower or underwater, so if that is your intention I cant attest to its effectiveness... I can say that all my mascaras were practicly melting off my eyes before I bought lancome hypnose drama waterproof mascara. Everyday I would come home and there would be mascara smudged under my eyes!!! Not once has this happened since I switched, and it stays put!! I need to use 2 makeup removers (sensibio and clinique) to remove it! swfupload_3087912561295789118.jpg

It also makes my eyelashes look amaze-balls!! Super long and thick!

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