I hate raccoon eyes, please help
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I have tried a zillion mascaras and still have not found one that is truly waterproof. Even DIOR!!!!  I hate raccoon eyes, please help!

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i have the same problem. I think the best thing to do is use any mascara that you like as your first coat. Then as your second coat try clinique lash power long wearing formula. Its 24 hour smudge proof...Waterproof is garbage.You have ot find smudge proof. It works!! I've tried everything from drugstore to chanel!..give it a try

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Clinque mascara typically works well and you can avoid the raccoon eyes.

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Have you tried Aqua Smoky Lash from Make Up For Ever? Everything in their Aqua line is 100% completely waterproof, it was actually originally made for water ballet! I use my Aqua Liner everyday, I sat in the shower shaving my legs with it one day and I go running in it and it stays put :smileyhappy: try it out!

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I just use COVERGIRL eyelights mascara. Yes, It's cheap, but it doesn't usually come off without makeup remover or a lot of scrubbing.

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I would highly recommend Stila stay all day waterproof volumizing is an AWESOME and truly does stay all day-- it won't come off without makeup remover, and trust me, I've tried haha

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Try using a mascara base to help the mascara adhere to your lashes better - Lancome, Shiseido and Smashbox make good ones. Also if you don't already, try using an eyeshadow primer all the way up to/on your brow bone and underneath your lash line to help prevent mascara/liner migration - Urban Decay and Too Faced make very popular ones. Also, Benefit makes a makeup sealant called She-Laq, to seal makeup and make it budge proof. HTH!

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I had the same problem for the longest time! Try Clinique Lash Power. Now, It's not waterproof, as in you can remove it with warm water when you wash your face. But! It lasts through anything. I work 12 hours shifts and sweat a lot. I also have a fairly oily complexion. This stuff does not move until I gently rub it off in the shower. Absolutley no raccon eyes since I swtiched.

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@Juls365, I personally don't wear waterproof mascara, but I did speak with a very active Sephora client who told me she wears Make Up For Ever's Aqua Smoky Lash when she scuba dives. Apparently it's the only one that still looked perfect when she came out of the water which sounded pretty impressive to me!

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I have not worn my mascara in the shower or underwater, so if that is your intention I cant attest to its effectiveness... I can say that all my mascaras were practicly melting off my eyes before I bought lancome hypnose drama waterproof mascara. Everyday I would come home and there would be mascara smudged under my eyes!!! Not once has this happened since I switched, and it stays put!! I need to use 2 makeup removers (sensibio and clinique) to remove it! swfupload_3087912561295789118.jpg

It also makes my eyelashes look amaze-balls!! Super long and thick!

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I would suggest MUFE's Smoky lash or Urban Decay's Cannonball. 

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Mally's Voluminous Mascara is really great for oily lids like mine. QVC is always running a BOGO special!

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