How to make big eyes look even bigger

My big brown eyes are the best part of my face and I want to know how to make them look even bigger. Any suggestions?

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I'd warn against circle lenses. A lot of people use them with no problem, but they are a hazard that just isn't worth it. Most cosmetic lenses are not approved by the FDA and without a valid prescription, they are actually illegal to sell in the United States. These kinds of lenses could potentially cause infections, ulcers, perforations on the cornea, and even blindness. By the time you feel any pain or discomfort, the damage has probably already been done and could possibly be irreparable. Cosmetic lenses should definitely be used at ones own discretion. Be sure to know the facts and don't let anyone else's positive experience sway you.


I agree, however, with the white eyeliner on your waterline. It gives the illusion of larger eyes and then you can line underneath the waterline and apply a few individual false lashes for a real pop.

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