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How to clean false lashes?

How should I go about cleaning and caring for my false lashes?

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Hi, readyfreddie.  Here's how I take care of my falsies:

Cleaning False Eyelashes:  If you applied a layer of mascara after applying your false lashes, you need to clean off that mascara, or your false eyelashes will become brittle and break.  You also need to remove the small strip of adhesive from the backside of the lashes, which you can do by gently lifting the adhesive with your fingers and gently pulling it back on itself until it comes off.  After the adhesive is removed, lay the eyelashes on a tissue and use a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to rub the eyelashes from root to tip until they are completely clean.

Storing False Eyelashes:  The way to store false eyelashes is to place them back in the case they came in when you purchased them—that case already has a ridge that you can stick the eyelashes on to keep their shape.  If you've already thrown out that case, you can use a small matchbox to keep them protected so they are available the next time you want to use them.

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I don't use false lashes very often, but I used them for a performance once, and when I took them off they had tons of mascara and eyeliner on them.  I found that the best way to clean them was to pour about 2-3 inches of eye makeup remover in a small bathroom cup and let them soak (one lash to a cup) for only about a minute.  (I would make sure they don't sit too much longer than that).  When you take them out, wipe off any excess mascara still on the lashes with a q-tip and it should come off very easily-then just let the lashes dry for a couple minutes and you should be good to go!  Hope this helps!

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Here is also a good tutorial on how to clean your false lashes.  I have done the same procedure and it works really well and keeps the lashes in really good shape. hope it works for you good. Smiley Happy

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