How to apply eye primer

I'm a newbie to eye shadow primer and I am just curious to what you do when you apply it. Do you  put the eye shadow on directly after you apply the primer, or are you suppose to let it completely dry first before you put on the eye shadow?

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After primer application, let it dry first before eye shadow application. 

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Hi MidnightCrimson,


Yes! You will need to make sure that the primer has dried slightly before applying your eye shadow. Also, make sure that your eye cream has dried slightly too before applying an eye primerSmiley Happy

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I use Urban Decay Primer Potion. I find that it works the absolute best for my oily eyelids. I apply the Primer with my fingertip, all over the entire eyelid from lashes all the way to the bottom of my brows. It goes on nice and smooth and dries down to a very soft, velvety finish. It only takes just a few seconds for it to dry, but yes, I do let it dry completely before applying eyeshadow.


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Hi MidnightCrimson, I use my finger and get the entire lid.  If it a colored primer I do my undereye as well to cover darkness.  Then wait a min and use all the shadow you want.  I hope this helps Smiley Happy


Hello Beauties...MidnightCrimson

I always use my index finger to apply primer to lid (for a neutral primer, I like Benefit Stay Don't Stray. For a lil shimmer that can also serve as eyeshadow, Urban Decay Primer in Sin best) I spread out primer across the lid and dab any excess onto my under eye area to cover any dark circles, etc. Hope this helps!!

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I use NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base.

In the picture you can see it comes with a doe foot applicator tip.  I use this to smear a bit across my eyelid, and use my finger to evenly apply it to the lid.  Just a nice, thin even coat.  You'll be able to feel it, it is creamy - if you use too little it will run out and your finger will kind of drag across your lid instead of smoothly slide.  Don't goop it on there though - too much will cause uneven eyeshadow coloring.  Let it dry, and apply your shadows!  Good luck!

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I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay's Primer Potion but I recently stumbled upon Tart's Clean Slate Creaseless 12-Hour Eye Primer.  This is extremely easy to apply with your finger, dries quickly and lasts forever!





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There's many different primers out there some just in a tube others with a little brush in it too.  I use Bare Minerals Prime Time, Primer Shadow, and Urband Decay Primer Potion.  I always put a little on my finger and spread on my lid.  If it's just flesh colored, I apply it under my eye as well as on the lid.  It should only take like 30 seconds for the primers to dry and you can apply shadows.  Hope this helps!

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