How do you conceal under eye veins?

I have had a visible vein under my eye for the past few years, and I am finding it hard to cover up. It's blue, and makes it look like I have dark circles but its just the vein. Could someone suggest how I go about concealing an under eye vein, and what products I should use?

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I have the same problem! I think I started to notice my veins when I was a juinor in high school. I noticed that concealers that come in a pods are normaly thicker, so they seem to cover veins better. I agree that building up the layers works best so it doesn't look cakey. I like to apply loose powder under my concealer to make it last longer and to make my whole face look one shade. Oh, and using Clinic rich all about eyes at night and in the morning helps too. 

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I would suggest Bobbi Brown color correctors and creamy concealer kit. Both products go together well and will provide you with the utmost coverage to hide the under eye veins. Another good concealer is by Dermablend, it caters towards under eye veins and heavy dark circles. I would highly recommend the dermbablend concealer.
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