How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?
Hi Guys^_^ Now I know this is the exact same thing as the other 'How do YOU draw attention to your eyes?' topic, but mines a little different.. Anyway, I want know all the different ways and different products all of you guys use to draw attention to your eyes and really make them stand out! I want to know it all--everything from using the right eye cream or lash enhancer, to using an eye brightening concealer and the right mascara that will lengthen,thicken, and make my lashes more voluminous!
***Just a side note, my eyes change color from gray, blue-gray, light blue, blue-green, blue-gray-green..Soo yeah.. I don't know if that effects anything.. Smiley TongueP***
Oh! Something else!! What do you guys use that really plump your lips(:


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I use golds, browns, coppers, and greens to make my brown eyes pop. I also love to use a turquoise liner on either just the bottom or the top lash lines and add a sky blue mascara. as far as lip plumpers go, too faced lip injection EXTREME is awesome!!! it burns so good! Smiley Wink

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