How do I use false eye lashes

Hi, I would like to add some volume to my eye and I have been thinking about getting false lashes but I never used them before.

So just wonder if anyone had any advice for a false lash beginner?





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For starters, determine what's the look you want to achieve with the false lashes.


Are you wanting just a very subtle play-up of your own lashes? Something fun for a party or night out? Something dramatic? Do you want length, volume, thickness?


Next, after determining your desired look, take a gander at false lashes to see what style will best fit.


For the most subtle/natural look, go for lashes with an invisi-band, these lashes have a clear strip at the base so they blend better into your own natural lash line, they will also usually be more varied in terms of lash hair placement compared to a solid strip of lashes.


Look at this guide I've just drawn up for ya, pardon the usage of Paint, haha!



As you can see there's a variety of lash options to use, if you don't want full strips you can cut full ones to portions, or use individual clusters (available in various lengths).


Pair the lashes with a lash glue (generally a latex base, there is latex free for those with allergies). Ardell, Andrea, and Duo make lash glues which are three popular brands available at drug stores and beauty stores, but I use weave/track glue. It's virtually the same latex formula with more staying power and comes in black (more than often) so it blends with lashes easier. Regular lash glues come in a clear or tinted formula, the clear starts off white but dries clear so you can see the application while using it. Start off with a dot of lash glue on the back of your hand or on a clean surface, run the strip of lashes through the glue so a thin band of product is on the strip, wait about 15-20 seconds so the glue becomes tacky (as it's a latex base, it'll dry to a elastic/plastic consistency forming a bond). Once tacky, take the outer and inner corners of the lashes and line them up with your lash line. Use one hand to hold each side in place and with free fingers you can gently tap or apply pressure to the middle to be sure it sticks there as well. Keep your eye closed for at least a minute for glue to fully set.


This is best done when your eyes are already done up, with at least one coat of mascara on your lashes (to help bring lashes up and lifted so they "blend" better with the false ones), and then go back over the strip lash with some liner to be sure it's an even line on your lid. You can finish off with another coat of mascara if you like. The reasoning for putting on lashes next to last is so that shadow doesn't fall and catch on the tops of lashes during application. You get the look of clean, black lashes.


Honestly, false lashes take practice. Practice on clean eyes before so you get the technique and application down, then start practicing with lids with shadow already so you can be confident in not altering the shadow up with mishaps.


If for any reason you blink or get glue on your lid, don't try to wipe right then and there while it's wet. Wait for it to dry then you can "roll" or pick off the glue as it dries with that plastic consistency and won't disrupt your make up then.


You can always cut strip lashes into halves or thirds and place them one piece at a time along your lashline if you have difficulty aligning up a full strip at one time.


Clusters and individual lashes don't require as much work, but can be time consuming if you're trying to build up to a full, lash look.


Check out a beauty store like Sally's for a good variety of lash styles, or any local beauty shops!


thank you so much for the advice. i apprechiate it,

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No prob, Deb! My pleasure! I know it was quite a bit of info to take in, but practice, practice, practice! That's honestly the best advice for false lashes!
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