How do I prevent eyeshadow/foundation from getting on my lash tips?

I recently started using Benefit's They're Real Mascara. This makes my lashes so long that they touch my eyelids!!! I love it, but now I always end up with either my eyeshadow or on foundation on the tips of my lashes. What's the point of applying a gorgeous, black mascara if the tips of my lashes end up beige?! Not hot.


Any suggestions to keep my shadow on my lids & off my lashes? I already use a shadow primer & mascara application is the last step in my makeup routine after setting powder & shadow application so it's not a fallout issue. Thanks for your help!



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Since your lashes end up curling up so much til they touch your lid, try giving it an extra minute or two before blinking or fully opening your eyes after applying mascara so the formula can fully dry.


Also try looking into a make up setting spray from Urban Decay or MUFE, mist onto the face once your make up is all set with your eyes closed.

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