How do I make my small brown eyes pop?
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How do I make my brown eyes pop? But is simple enough to wear on a daily basis.

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Hi!  For a day look that will make your eyes pop, go for a gold eyeshadow over the lid, and a bronze or brown in the crease.  Apply dark brown eyeliner or eyeshadow (on an angle liner brush) along the top lashline and just under the bottom lashes too.  This should help them stand out!  Hope this helps!

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Try a neutral eye look and then top it off with a pop of color. Green, Purple, Turquoise eyeliner all make brown eyes pop. Its also a great way to try out color.

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sorry if this suggestion is a bit bold but for brown eyes bright-ish eye makeup make the eyes pop! Blue eyeshadow (light blue, turquoise or even dark blue) really makes it pop, green does a bit as well. :smileyhappy:


I think also a grey/silver to black smokey eye really makes it pop as well


and for a subtle pop I think an orange eyeshadow or eyeliner does the trick :smileyhappy: the shade of orange will depend on your skintone, a pale orange with yellow undertones will look best on lighter skin (like a pastel orange) but a dark orange might look a bit funny. Darker skintones would look good with less vibrant one but would still suit bright oranges


as well with eyeliners, for making eyes pop I suggest sticking to gold eyeliners, silver, orange, blue, green, purple etc even glitter black and brown or others are good too :smileyhappy: just that normal blacks or browns aren't too flattering when used alone as a shadow or liner but with a popping colour complement the look or go well when used as a smoky eye. hope that helps :smileyhappy:

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go for a dark brown smokey eye (Lorac has a great range) and Buxom amplified mascara.  This makes my brown eyes look fierce!  It totally transforms them.

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Posted this in another thread asking how to make eyes pop and seem larger/brighter:


A real quick trick, use a nude or off white liner on the inner rims of your eyes to make them appear larger and more open. Either shade will tone out the natural red there and help the whites of eyes look brighter.


Often I prefer using nude as it looks a bit more natural, I like using white for going-out looks or if I'm doing a dark, smokey eye and really want that pop of contrast against black shadow.


Some options include Stila's Kajal Pencil, which is my fave, it's super pigmented, creamy, smooth and easy to apply and long wearing, especially for the inner rim of the eyes (currently out of stock online, but call your local store and see if its there, or even check Stila's webpage, or Ulta, I think they might still carry it):!k...


Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener:


Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Yeyo (metallic white, so it's not as stark as solid white, has a shimmery effect):


Just do a search on here for "nude eye pencil" and it'll bring up other brands with pencils to offer for a quick, brightening, and enhancing fix.


Along with that, curl your lashes and use a defining/curling mascara to give lift to your lashes to prevent them from casting a straight shadow on your eyes.


Try sticking with brightening shades like champagne, soft nudes, even shell pinks. I love Urban Decay's eye shadow primer in Sin, I wear that on it's own as a cream shadow too for lazy days where I don't want to fuss with shadows. The Naked palette from UD is great (that one has warmer, more gold toned shades than the second version), Too Faced's Naked Eye Palette is also great (I love the shimmery, shell pink shade in there), and Lorac makes some killer palettes as well! Avoid using dark or all matte finishes, especially on the outer corners/crease of the eye as shades and finishes like that add weight and can make the eyes look smaller for every day looks.

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use a bright colored eyeliner such as  purple or blue and cat-eye it. 

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I love to use the Nars eyeshadow duo in charade which features a beautiful taupe brown, and a subtle purple color. I  use the taupe all over the lid and the purple in the crease and it makes my brown eyes pop. I add some purple liner to make them stand out even more

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