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How do I get my eye lashes to look full without false lashes?
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I barely have lashes... they're like short, and def. not full. I use the big, orange tube from Covergirl... but it just doesn't do the trick... I need help!(lol) Any suggestions on a mascara that can help my feeble lashes?

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Do you curl your lashes? I looooooooove my shu uemera  but they stopped selling it in the US (which breaks my heart). The Sephora brand one is pretty good though and they have a pink one out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Smiley Happy A good curler (i used to use a cheap $1 one but it really looked awful in comparison to the one I use now) will really make a difference! 


Also lining close to the lashline will make them appear fuller. I use Buxom Lashliner (it's supposed to condition a little and help lash growth and to be honest I didn't see a significant change but I did see something which is more than I expected! Smiley Happy 


Now on to actual mascara! Smiley Happy I get so distracted. Forgive me, I've had a terrible migraine all week and I'm going insane!! 

I agree that a fiber mascara might be just what you need! Though they kind of freak me out lol. My mascara recommendations though are: Dior Extase and BEnefit Badgal. I also recommend layering mascara. Try badgal first and then extase or sephora atomic volume or any other volumizing mascara over it. Hope this helps!

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