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How do I get my eye lashes to look full without false lashes?
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I barely have lashes... they're like short, and def. not full. I use the big, orange tube from Covergirl... but it just doesn't do the trick... I need help!(lol) Any suggestions on a mascara that can help my feeble lashes?

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Do you curl your lashes? I looooooooove my shu uemera  but they stopped selling it in the US (which breaks my heart). The Sephora brand one is pretty good though and they have a pink one out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! :smileyhappy: A good curler (i used to use a cheap $1 one but it really looked awful in comparison to the one I use now) will really make a difference! 


Also lining close to the lashline will make them appear fuller. I use Buxom Lashliner (it's supposed to condition a little and help lash growth and to be honest I didn't see a significant change but I did see something which is more than I expected! :smileyhappy: 


Now on to actual mascara! :smileyhappy: I get so distracted. Forgive me, I've had a terrible migraine all week and I'm going insane!! 

I agree that a fiber mascara might be just what you need! Though they kind of freak me out lol. My mascara recommendations though are: Dior Extase and BEnefit Badgal. I also recommend layering mascara. Try badgal first and then extase or sephora atomic volume or any other volumizing mascara over it. Hope this helps!

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why dont you try mascara with fibers?? like the ones from fiberwig. I am currently using a japanese mascara with fibers in it and its so awesome! my lashes are really short but this really lengthens and volumizes my lashes without clumping! the Fiberwig LX is a japanese product and i have heard good reviews about'em. im going to try this one when im done wit my current one :smileyhappy:

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I *swear* by Too Faced Lash Injection -- no other mascara has delivered the big, bold, false eyelash look like Lash Injection has! It coats your lashes and makes them appear thick and full. I highly recommend it! 

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Definitely curl your eyelashes. Another thing you can do is put Vaseline on them every night with a spare eyelash brush, and if any residue is left in the morning, then wash it out. Also, after you apply your first coat of mascara, put cornstarch on them with a mascara brush, focusing on the ends. When you apply your second coat the mascara clings to the cornstarch, making your eyelashes appear longer.

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I love Loreal Voluminous mascara it is good at thickening. Try using that coupled with a good lengthening mascara. DJV Beautinizer Fiberwig is a good lengthener or for a more affordable brand there is the Loreal beautytubes mascara. It is white on one side and red on the other.

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i think all you need is to TOO FACED mascara the three tubs in one packet it really does help and your not just getting fuller lashes your getting longer ones too.


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I have a three-step solution:

  • Diorshow Lash Plumper.
  • Good eyelash curler- I have the Laura Mercier one.
  • MUFE Smoky Lash
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