How can I revive a dry cream eyeshadow?

My Kat Von D true love palette has a gold cream shadow that looks great as a base..however, it is too dry..any tips on how to revive it?

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There is a product by MAC called Fix+ which you can use to fix your dried up cream shadow.  Just spray a couple of sprays into the jar of the dried up cream shadow and then take a small spatula or your (clean) fingertip and mix it in until it becomes moist again.

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Try putting a little bit of eye or face moisturizer on your brush or finger and swirling it over the color before applying it. That should help with the dryness!

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thanks  for the tips! I have 2 Benefit cream shadows that I adore and would love to bring back to life! I'll definitely try both tips Smiley Happy

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