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How can I learn to use bolder eye makeup? I feel like a lost tourist at the store!

Everything I know about eye makeup I learned from my little sister.  She showed me ONE time how to use very natural-looking tones and it changed my life since I never wore any makeup prior to that (oh I was 25 when she showed me).  I've gotten a few palettes since then that were bold, pinks, blues, deep colors, and I have just no idea how THOSE work.  Do I use them as the main attraction?  Or sparingly for more of an accent?  I would LOVE to get away from all these natural tones just to liven things up once in a while, but I'm a scared little ninny at the moment.  Plus I keep hearing that blue eyes are more limited so I don't want to look like a clown or a football player by doing a no-no.  I have fair skin, blonde hair, and light blue eyes.  I sincerely appreciate the help!


Here's a sampling of some lovely things that catch my eye - and immediately intimidate me:


bold, fun Buxom teal "Stay-There" shadow:


Illamasqua 4-color metallic palette:


Lorac cabernet-toned smokey eye palette "Private Affair":


Sephora mini-colorful eyeshadow:

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I just recently started doing the same thing. Figured only teenagers could wear some of those colors and I too feared looking like a clown. After playing around with some different Bare Escentuals kits I got, found out I could wear some fun colors after all! I'm not much of a make-up guru either, so I've only used the bright colors as an eyeliner. If you have the right shade, it won't look like a clown. So if it comes out clownish, means the shade is wrong for you. One of my kits had some brownish/grey colors that I ended up making a smokey eye with and lined my eyes with Aquamarine eyeliner. I did use the Aquamarine more lightly on the lower lash and went back over it lightly with a smudge brush in one of the brown shadows to keep it from being clownish. Was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. Will use the same Aquamarine with two other colors in the set that were more neutral, peachy looking shades for summer (minus the smokey eye part of course). The Sweet Escapes set has nice colors for doing something similar. The Stay There Buxom shadows are awesome! So you could try that teal as a liner first and work your way up from there.

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