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How can I get winged eye liner like this?
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This winged eyeliner is so gorgeous and dramatic! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do it and how to get the edges so perfect like she does? photo.jpeg


I'm terrible with eyeliner omg... even when i try to do a simple cat eye it ends up looking thick and weird... that and it just looks uneven and has ridges, if that makes sense. I just can't seem to get the lines smooth.

I have a black 24/7 eyeliner pencil and a black eyeliner pen from Lorac... I'm kinda broke right now so i was hoping I could achieve this look with just those two things but if you have to recommend something better please let me know Smiley Happy

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The image you posted looks likes the person created the look with a pencil or cream liner and then blended shadow on top to soften the look. If you look carefully it's not a sharp, crisp edging.


To recreate the look in the photo:


Take the 24/7 pencil (I'm assuming you mean the one from Urban Decay), and cover your lid  (go slightly above your crease line) and extend the area to the outer corners, drawing it down to the bottom lash line. Take black eye shadow on a domed crease or blender brush and apply it to the top of the liner to set it and to soften the edges. Apply it in a buffing, rotating manner so you're working on a smaller more defined area as you're blending out the hard liner edge.




You can play with the size of the wing, how far you bring it on your lids and down to your lash line. If you need help with creating a even edge for both sides take a pieces of scotch tape and apply it on the edge/outer corner of your eye as a guide to ensure both sides will be even. After you apply the liner, remove the tape and if need be, blend on some shadow to soften it some. The angle in which you lay the tape can either give you a more wide set wing, or a more angled wing.




You can always go back after with the liquid pen and really add some emphasis to making a bolder, more linearl line to the wing or to the bottom lashes.

WOMAN WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS OFFER THE BEST ADVICE??! Haha! Thanks SO MUCH! Smiley Very Happy The pictures really helped. And the tape trick completely blew my mind; I had always wondered how others' get their edges so straight. Thanks again! <3
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Hahah, no problem! Smiley Very Happy

I'm glad I can help! You can use painters tape or even the sticky side of a post it too! Those and scotch tape are easy to remove and won't pull at the skin!

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