Help with Eyeliner?

So I suck at applying eyeliner and have a hard time getting eyeliner to stay anywhere (both on my eyelid and my waterline). I tried both Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen and Buxoms Liquid Eyeliner Pen and they both sucked, they both faded and creased.:smileysad: Is there any Eyeliner Pen that you could recommend that actually works? Thank you! Also I have oily lids kinda.

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I had the same problem and have tryed many high end cosmetics, i wanted to try i cheaper one to see if i liked it and i found one the one i love and use every day for $1 its the elf eye liner pens they stay on all day  and dosn't smuge, my lids are oily and every one i tryed would make a mess and transfer to my top eye lid during the day, hope this helped!

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