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I have glasses, and I want my eyes to stand out behind my glasses. They're a mix of blue and green, but more green. I dont use eyeliner a lot, probably because I dont know how to apply it much. When I do, it ends up all wobbly. My glasses are black, if that can count for something.

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First just wanna say I love blue-green eyes lol Since you wear glasses you can get away with eye makeup looks most people can't during the day, which i think is awesome, plus I think glasses are cute. Anyways I know that many magazines will tell you not to wear blue or green eyeshadow, I think they're wrong. As long as you apply it correctly and in the right shade any color will look great. I would suggest using browns, coppers, and golds if your eyes are more on the blue side, and pinks and purples if your more green. If you want to wear blue or green, make the color a saturated deep blue or green and try it out as a liner first to see how the color works with your eyes or put the color in your water line for a pop of color without the fuss. If you want to do liner on top, I would suggest using a gel liner as they are easier to apply than pencils and liquid liners w/ sponge or felt tips. Also if you're worried about the line looking wobbly you can either draw it out with eyeliner first or with a white eyeliner because they are easier to fix than color. I hope this helps, check out some of the tutorials on eye makeup on the sephora website or on youtube. Good luck Smiley Happy

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