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Glasses makeup tips/help?(:
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I just recently got glasses, and want to continue using eye makeup, especially mascara since my eyelashes are so dull! But, I have a problem with my eyelashes hitting my glasses lens, can someone help me? And if you could help me with some neutral eyeshadow looks for school, that would be great too! Please keep in mind I'm only 13, so I'd like to keep my eye makeup fairly simple, but still noticeable. Smiley Happy Thank you!

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I have had my glasses for years and there are a few simple things you can do. Try a curling mascara like Urban Decay's Supercurl Curling Mascara to help lift your lashes. To help your eyes pop behind lens, try trowing in some pops of color. A bright liner (teal looks good on everyone) with a soft nude shadow is very young and day time friendly while not letting your eyes get lost behing your glasses. tokidoki's  Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette in Mozzarella has really pretty soft colors WITH a teal, and a cute key chain which any 13 year old can dig right?


One of the best parts of having glasses (beyond being able to see!) is that you can wear crazier brighter colors that get toned down behind your frames and still look classy.

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I only recently started wearing makeup at all and have always been a glasses wearer so I had the same concern. I actually work in optics so the first thing I can tell you is that if your glasses are hitting your lashes with or without mascara, you need to have them adjusted. they should never touch your lashes at all.

Secondly I'd consider the colour of your glasses. if you have a neutral colour like black or brown, go with any shade of eye makeup you'd like! especially if your frames are thinner. the bolder the frame, the more you want to tone it down. I personally wear thick purple plastic frames so I keep it to neutral browns and such. I do like a bit of shimmer though. I like Urban Decay the best for that. I have the 24/7 shadow pencil in Midnight Cowboy, and the eyeshadow in Roach. I also like the Buxom stay there shadows, Mutt is my favorite.

If your frames aren't silver or very bold, go with the Buxom in Pug. It gives you a bit of pop without being crazy.


As far as mascaras go, I just started using the FairyDrops. Expensive but it stays on when it's supposed to and comes off when it's supposed to and never the opposite. I also really like the Buxom Lash but it does tend to give raccoon eyes if you sweat alot. I have not tried the new Urban Decay one yet, but that's next on the list. The previous poster is right though, a curling mascara will help with them touching your lenses.


That's the best I can do. Good luck!

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