For aging skin is matt or frosted eye shadow better?
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I am 45 and my skin around the eyes is getting a little saggy and thin.  Recently I been noticing a lot of the makeup aging women are wearing, but don't have a clear answer...Is matt or frosted eye shadow generally better for aging skin?  Does daytime or night wear make a difference?

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Actually, neither matte nor frosted eyeshadows are better. Matte eyeshadows look dry on the skin and the last thing aging skin is to lose more luminosity. But frosted eyeshadows can highlight wrinkling and fine lines.


For aging eyes, the best texture of eyeshadow is a SATIN finish. This means that there's no real shimmer to the eyeshadow, but there's a SHEEN to it. A sort of satiny finish that gives the eye some luminosity without looking age inappropriate.


This doesn't mean you can't use matte or frosted eyeshadows! Matte eyeshadows make beautiful, soft alternatives to harsh eyeliner. As you get older, drawing a harsh line with a pencil or liquid can give the eyes an incredibly aged appearance. But using a deep shade of matte eyeshadow on the fine-tipped brush will give you definition without that harshness.


Frosted eyeshadows, on the other hand, can be great if they're not chunky. Choose an eyeshadow with finely-milled shimmer and apply it softly to the eye. As long as you don't pack it on, and the color isn't too harsh, it will stay flattering.


For mature makeup, it's always about soft, flattering colors, giving definition to the eyes and lips, and adding luminosity back to the skin. For night time, you could choose a sophisticated plum or maybe a chocolatey brown around the eyes! Find what works best for your eyes.

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matte is better for older eyes (like mine)  a little shine toward the center lid, as well as the brow.   Laura Mercier has some good creme eyeshadows that dry matte, if you can try them in the store.  Also Urban Decay.   A long lasting eye primer is a must.

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