Fake Eyelash HELP!

I just bought my first pair of fake eyelashes and I am so excited to wear them! The only problem is I have 0 knowledge on fake eyelashes! I think you have to peel them or something and cover the seam but I don't know how.... So I need all the experts out there to help me out! Thanks a bunch! (and by the way, I know this is not about makeup, but it was the only board that this would  fit into!)

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Great suggestions prettyinpa!


I absolutely LOVE false lashes of all kinds, brands, colors, shapes, designs! Keep in mind that practice really DOES make perfect and only with continuous use will you really get the hang of it! Make sure not to overload on the glue, and I also found that either putting on liner before you apply the lashes, or using lashes with a very sheer/thin strip will help them look and feel most natural and comfortable!


Trimming the inner or outer edges can help the band to fit your eye shape too. Sometimes, depending on your eyes shape and size, the lashes may be too long and hang over the edges. I use brow scissors to cut them slightly and so I don't actually cut the hairs of the lashes! Smiley Happy


good luck!! Smiley Happy

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