Eyeshadow depotting
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Hey ladies, so this past Monday while I was off for The MLK holiday, I was bored and stumbled across eyeshadow depotting. (sp?). Anyway, I started to look at all the palettes I've acquired and how I only like so many of each color in certain palettes, plus a bunch of singles laying around and taking up precious space. Then it was off to the craft store to buy magnet tape and a tin. I followed the instructions of melting the glue inside of the singles and then releasing the small eyeshadow container from the palette..and viola! I stuck magnet tape and arranged them in my tins ( I had bought two) and now I have my own custom palettes with only the eyeshadows I actually want from what I had and I have a whole lot more space than I had before. I can honestly say it is an improvement and worth doing if u have time to spare ( I was bored that day) and a lot of eyeshadows. I only ruined a couple I practiced on originally, with colors I didn't want. I did NOT do this to my better palettes such as my new Naked palette...I'm not crazy ;-) Has anyone ever done this? I cannot be the inventor of this idea...there are so many more seasoned makeup divas around here. Anyone got anymore great little tricks to share? *****thanks guys, I never knew that mufe had magnets or what a z palette was! Good info!!!
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I pop out all of my single shadows and many of my larger palettes into personalized palettes.  I personally love the Z-Palette (you can search it online) to put my shadows into because it protects them and has a clear top so I can see the colors inside.  There is also a cute one called the Unii palette which I like for personal use because it is a little bit smaller and has a mirror.  It also has cute magnets that act as space fillers between different sized shadows.


Make Up For Ever shadows all pop out and are already magnetized, so I buy their palette and have all of my shadows in it.  Also the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes pop out and are magnetized already so I have all of them in a blush palette.  I have the Tokidoki Soda Pop Palette and loved all of the colors but it was too big to carry with me, so I popped all of those out and put them into my own Z-palette too.


As a makeup artist, is it easier for our kits to be organized working out of palettes.  Plus, you are right in that it takes up way less room and I find myself using all of my shadows when they are all laid out in front of me.


I am glad you are putting your shadows to use in your own palettes- anyone else??  I think Sephora should carry empty palettes...would you buy them if we did??  What are your thoughts?


I would love to hear from you all Smiley Happy






Hi makeupobesessed,


I've never tried depotting palettes, but I have depotted several single eyeshadows such as the MAC and Urban Decay. I have found that it is much safer to use a flat iron and melt the shadows on tinfoil over the flat iron heat. I tried it with a lighter once and I failed to use tweezers to hold the shadow and it hurt so bad!!


I like to wait for the glue to dry a little before I use rubbing alcohol to remove it though. And those magnet sheets are GREAT to put on the back of them as well Smiley Happy


I always feel super crafty when I do stuff like this, and it saves a whole lot of space too! LOVE IT!


One of my projects for 2012 is to depot my single eyeshadows. I like the look of customized palettes, they're great space savers and are easy to travel with. I would love it if the Sephora Collection came out with empty palettes! I've heard really great things about the Z palette, which can accommodate shadows and blushes  of different sizes. I also really like that each Make Up For Ever shadow/blush come with magnets on the back, so that they can easily be transported into the brand's empty 10 pan palette.


Eye Shadow Palette - Holds 10




Whimsically yours,

I've only depotted singles and only because the little container lid broke (Shu Uemura, I'm looking at you!) so I don't have much experience. I used a wide blade hot glue gun with a heat control regulator (great idea to use a flat iron, if I had one, I'd use that) because that was the only low temperature heat source that I had. I read that you can do it with a hair dryer, but my dryer didn't get hot enough, so maybe I did it wrong or it's the dryer's fault. 


My only complaint was that the shadow got somewhat crumbly sooner than it would have based on it's expiration date. I guess maybe the heating did something to the shadow or maybe because the pan was partly empty when I did it. 


But it is fun to make custom palettes and it sure is a space saver!

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My favorite way to depot is by putting them in the oven on a low setting - safer for me! When I tried the flat iron and candle methods, I ended up burning and/or cutting myself and usually taking a big chunk out of the eyeshadows as well. Wayne Goss has a great video on this here

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Check out sites/brands like Yaby and Camera Ready Cosmetics. They offer a ton of palette options and even parts like empty tins to press your own shadows.


To help with fixing broken or cracked pressed shadows, take the broken pieces and remove whatever is in the shadow tin and crush/grind it up to as fine of a loose powder as you can. Carefully scoop some back into the pan and add about a half of cap of rubbing alcohol to the mix. Stir up the shadow and alcohol mix, adding more loose shadow as the mixture becomes more smooth. You can add a few more drops of alcohol if needed or if the mixture seems too dry or cakey. It should have a smooth, paste like consistency. Once all the shadow is mixed, smooth it over in the pan and let it dry. Once the alcohol evaporates it binds the shadow together. Ta-da! Broken shadow fixed! This works with pressed powders like foundation, translucent powders, and blush.


Some brands/sites carry binding liquid to do this, but rubbing alcohol does in a pinch. Smiley Happy

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projill! please please please! I would love it if sephora carried empty palettes.  I just depotted most of my shadows about 3 months ago and find myself using those shadows so much more than I ever did when they were singles.  it is so nice haveing a palette organized by color, it makes it so much easier to put together a look.  I depotted mine using the candle method, which I don't recommend.  Too many fumes.  If I ever get up the nerve to depot my Nars and Guerlain, I'll probably try the oven method.  for my case, I just used old pencil tins and covered the logo's with stickers Smiley Wink  I also found depotting the mirrors from powder palettes really easy and put these on the lid.  I would be interested to hear what people have to say about the z-palettes.  I read some bad reviews that they are not priced correctly and do not offer sufficient protection for the shaddows.

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I would definitely buy an empty palette option from Sephora if they made one!

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What a fun topic.  I also was amazed when i first came aross a bunch of youtube videos showing how to depot makeup.  I think I had been researching the Zpalette and the Unii when I found those.


I actually ended up with a Trish McEvoy makeup planner because the palettes are a lot smaller, plus the planner is just awesome for people like me who love miniature stuff!  I travel a lot for work so I really needed a complete kit I could grab quickly and throw in a suitcase without needing to waste time selecting appropriate brushes, colors, powders, tubes, mascaras, liners, etc.  It's so well-designed that my petite makeup plannner (maybe 6" x 4") holds everything I need in an organized way so I'm not wasting time rummaging for things in the morning.  The only makeup items I carry outside the planner are liquids that I need to put in the TSA-friendly bag.


Anyone else here like Trish McEvoy?  I actually find her eyeshadows, blushes, and powders to be inferior and ridiculously overpriced (which is why I went on a big depotting spree with some of my favorite other brands), but the makeup planner is pure genius. 


For anyone interested in building her own custom palette, you might want to have a look at yabycosmetics.com.  Lots of magnetized eyeshadows, blushes, concealers, you name it.  I have some of the eyeshadows and while they're very tiny, they are also highly pigmented and long-lasting, and only about $3 each!

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