Eyeshadow depotting
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Hey ladies, so this past Monday while I was off for The MLK holiday, I was bored and stumbled across eyeshadow depotting. (sp?). Anyway, I started to look at all the palettes I've acquired and how I only like so many of each color in certain palettes, plus a bunch of singles laying around and taking up precious space. Then it was off to the craft store to buy magnet tape and a tin. I followed the instructions of melting the glue inside of the singles and then releasing the small eyeshadow container from the palette..and viola! I stuck magnet tape and arranged them in my tins ( I had bought two) and now I have my own custom palettes with only the eyeshadows I actually want from what I had and I have a whole lot more space than I had before. I can honestly say it is an improvement and worth doing if u have time to spare ( I was bored that day) and a lot of eyeshadows. I only ruined a couple I practiced on originally, with colors I didn't want. I did NOT do this to my better palettes such as my new Naked palette...I'm not crazy ;-) Has anyone ever done this? I cannot be the inventor of this idea...there are so many more seasoned makeup divas around here. Anyone got anymore great little tricks to share? *****thanks guys, I never knew that mufe had magnets or what a z palette was! Good info!!!
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