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I am looking for two things...one is a black eyeshadow because I use it to apply on top of my liquid eyeliner and/or gel eyeliner after just to make my liner look darker and I am not looking for a shimmery black.  What is the best brand that has a set black eye shadow that is not overly expensive in CDN dollars?


Also, what is a great eyeshadow palette that is good for everyday wear and could be woren at parties/night time as well??? I am not looking for a huge palette with 50 milliion different colors and that is overly priced.  I used to have two eyeshadow palettes, one was shimmery and the other wasn't, and it was from school.  I had it for a long time and did not get around to using it all up completely and had to throw it out because I had it for way too long and like I have heard I should not be keeping eyeshadows for an excess period of time.


So overall, I am looking for a simple black eyeshadow (single) and an eyeshadow palette that covers basic colors for everyday wear and possible some for evening wear but not a huge palette.  Something simple and of course not overly priced either...


Any suggestions???



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I love the Sephora Must Have Eyeshadow Mono- I feel that it is one of the darkest black shadows that I have seen.


You may also check out Too Faced Naked Eye Palette.  This one has a great black shadow in it (and it is very black and matte) as well as some neutral shades that are great for every day.  The darker shades allow you to play up your look for night if you want too.  

I also am loving the Urban Decay Mariposa Palette like Diana suggested.  It has more fun colors it it that you can wear subtle or dramatic.





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