Eyeshadow: 10 Q's!
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The game's second time around, this one is all about eyeshadows!


1. Which form of shadow do YOU prefer?

A. Loose Powder

B. Pressed Powder

C. Cream

D. Other _________

(My answer: B. You can put parentheses around the letter you chose. If it is D, do that and where the line is, put your actual answer)


2. What brand makes the highest quality eyeshadows? (My answer: Too Faced.)


3. What brand's eyeshadows are the most overpriced for the quality/amount of product? (My answer: MAC.)


4. How many single eyeshadows are in your collection right now? Smiley Very Happy (My answer: seven.)


5. How many eyeshadow palettes/sets are in your collection right now? (Note: even if it's only an eyeshadow duo, if they are together in the packaging, they are a set.) (My answer: eleven.)


6. Are you more likely to buy a palette/set of shadows or a single? (My answer: Small set, such as Stila's It Girl Palette #2 which has only 3 shadows.)


7. What is your favorite eyeshadow color? (Can be specific, like "Stila's Kitten," or not, "pink.") (My answer: Light, pastel pinks.)


8. How many different shades of eyeshadow do you usually wear at once for a normal work/school day? (My answer: two. A highlight and a lid color.)


9. Do you have more eyeshadow than any other type of makeup (blush, bronzer, etc.) in your collection? (Palettes and sets count as only one shadow) (My answer: Yes, I have 18 shadows/palettes/sets.)


10. Did you like taking this quiz? Which subject do you want the third 10 Q's to be on? Smiley Very Happy


Note: Picture was not taken by me. It was found on Google Images by searching, "eyeshadow. Smiley Very Happy

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1. B) pressed powder
2. I like Stila, Smashbox and Too Faced
3. I would have to say Dior, Chanel, Gurleian
4. 0 Haha, I only have palettes! And I never thought about it until now!
5. I have 4 palettes, I know I am lame on the eyeshadow! Haha
6. I am more likely to buy a palette, although I am considering a single eye shadow!
7. My favorite colors are light shimmery blue, light pinky cream, and lavender.
8. I wear 1 to 3 shades, depending on the time.
9. I have more lipsticks - lip glosses than eyeshadows.
10. I loved taking this quiz! Thank you!! I don't have preference for the next one.

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