Eyeliner and eyeshadows
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I have read that women over 60 should use neutral eyeliner and not to use eyeshades. Please give suggestions on both issues. Thank you

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I am a woman over 60. I had heard that eye shadows are OK, but neutrals recommended, especially matte shadows. I gave it a try. It looked awful on me. It was dull and deadening.


What you choose will depend on your coloring, your personal style, what situation you are in or sort of impression you want to make, and the condition of the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes.


I highly recommend eye lid primer; i switch between Urban Decay Original Eyelid Primer Potion and Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Eye Primer. Primer not only helps keep shadow on, but helps smooth my eye skin and evens out the tone and color. I feel i often don't even need eye shadow after i use eye primer.


I use brown eye liner and dark brown mascara to define my eyes. If you have brown, red, or blonde hair i recommend brown. Black often looks so harsh and hard with fair hair and/or fair skin. (i have brown hair and light skin) If you have black hair and/or dark toned skin, black may be a better choice, also if your hair is white and you have cool toned skin.


Glittery shadows are not generally recommended. I prefer eye shadows with a slight shimmer, which make my eyes look brighter. I have light warm skin and find that pale peach and warm rose look good, with a darker contrast color, like moss green or warm pewter, in the crease for more definition.


I also like to coordinate my makeup with what i am wearing. So if i'm wearing warm colors (for example, orange, rose, warm greens) i use warm colored eye, cheek, and lip colors; and for cool colors (teal, blues, purple), cool colored makeup.


I often see women, especially older women, wearing a lip color that doesn't go well with their blouse or dress color; i guess they have one color they wear with everything. You don't need a vast array of lipsticks; i used two, one warm and one cool, for a long time. Also, matte lipsticks often look rather deadening on older women. Something a bit moister looking brightens and enlivens the face, while matte lipsticks make less youthful skin look even duller.

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