I have then eyelashes and I do not know how to apply fake lashes on my face. Is there a mascara that can extend my lashes? Is there anyway to grow long beautiful lashes?



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FIrst of all, if your mascara does not lengthen your lashes, it is the worst mascara in the world. There are special mascaras that have fiber lashes in them. They are called fiber mascaras and they are amazing.

Second of all, I wish there was a way to grow longer lashes, which there isn't really. You can try a lash growth serum from your drugstore or dermatolorgist. They sometimes can be irritating though.

Thrird of all, lashes are SUPER easy to apply! You just trim them on the side to see how long your eye is, and you add the glue. Wait 30 seconds so it gets tacky and apply

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