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Hey beauties!!! So I have heard a lot about eyelash extensions.. good and bad. I really want to get them because I wouldn't have to wear mascara anymore and even when you wake up in the morning, you already look like you are wearing mascara. I just wanted to ask you lovely ladies what you thought about them? If you've tried them out or get them done all the time, do you think they are worth it? What are the pros and cons to having them?

Thanks so much in advance!!



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I wanted to add in some info about the actual process. There are natural and synthetic options out there, most of the brands/companies I've come across use synthetic as there's more control over using lashes of thicker consistency and control of length.


You are basically laying down or reclined back during the process. Normally a sticky undereye pad/sticker is applied right under your eye over your bottom lashes so glue doesn't drip or get applied to your bottom lashes to make the top application stick to your own bottom lashes.


The specialist then uses a variety of tweezers to separate and single out individual lashes. These tweezers generally have curved, hook ends so lashes that aren't worked on can be kept separate from the invididual hair that is. A single extension is run through some glue and placed on the individual lash with another set of tweezers, normally with a super fine point, and lined up so it matches the curvature of your natural lash to lay the best. This process is repeated until a full set is applied or the desired look is achieved.


Please see this rudimentary Paint drawing below Smiley Tongue

That's what the "separtation" process looks likes. It all sounds creepy and dangerous, but it's safe as long as you're in the hands of a professional. The sound of a hooked set of tweezers by your eye may sound iffy, but again, specialists are trained to use the tools.


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