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Hey beauties!!! So I have heard a lot about eyelash extensions.. good and bad. I really want to get them because I wouldn't have to wear mascara anymore and even when you wake up in the morning, you already look like you are wearing mascara. I just wanted to ask you lovely ladies what you thought about them? If you've tried them out or get them done all the time, do you think they are worth it? What are the pros and cons to having them?

Thanks so much in advance!!



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Personally, I L-O-V-E them. I don't wear makeup when I have them and can just get up and go. And I ALWAYS wear makeup, so that is saying something. Obviously, they are quite expensive and I would not cheap out on it because you need to ensure whoever you choose is using products that are safe for the eye area. They are definitely worth it but I can't justify getting them all the time because it is excessive. I pay $175 for synthetic mink full set (the only kind to get), and $40-75 for fills every two to four weeks, depending on how quickly your lashes fall out (this is a natural process). (I live in Canada, so this is likely more expensive than quality work south of the border.) I only get them during the summer, when I am traveling, or over the holidays. They are so convenient and pretty. The only cons for me were price and the cautiousness necessary to maintain them. While you have them, you cannot use oily products on your eyes, normal mascara, or tug at the eye area, which can be good and bad. For me, the veiny look of my eyelids and undereye circles diminish when I have extensions, I think because I am wearing less makeup, so less to remove, meaning less stress on the aye area. On that same note, you can't really wear heavy eye makeup every day, because removing it frequently would speed up the lash shedding process meaning you will need fills more frequently. I purchased the extension safe mascara ($30) for nighttime looks for when I am getting close to fill to fix sparseness. I stopped getting mine just to see how my lashes grew back in (and believe me, they are short when you lose all the extensions) and they grew back thick and healthy, so I know no permanent damage is being done. The regrowth period wasnt too bad, nothing a little mascara couldnt fix. Do lots of research on where to go; we've all heard the horror stories. For me, I just used Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover on a q-tip to remove shadow and liner, didn't leave my lashes wet, slept with an eye mask that allows you to open and close your eyes (thereby preventing any overnight smushing), and combed them when I woke up, and they were phenomenal. Obviously, it all depends on your maintenance level and budget. I am getting mine again in a month for a girls trip and them keeping them through the holidays : ) 

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