Eyelash extensions

Hey beauties!!! So I have heard a lot about eyelash extensions.. good and bad. I really want to get them because I wouldn't have to wear mascara anymore and even when you wake up in the morning, you already look like you are wearing mascara. I just wanted to ask you lovely ladies what you thought about them? If you've tried them out or get them done all the time, do you think they are worth it? What are the pros and cons to having them?

Thanks so much in advance!!



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Hi lexikaye,


I was actually just looking at eyelash extension places near me about a week ago. my lashes are a tad bit sparse so I would love a fuller lash look. I hear that some of the pros are the fact that your lashes are fuller,  you don't have to worry about mascara, and they last a while. The only con that I've really heard of is the fact that you have to lay on your back when you sleep/can't ley with your eyes on your pillow because it can make them fall out.

Whimsically yours,
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