Eyelash Curlers
I've heard differing opinions on eyelash curlers, some people say they're awesome, and other people say that you don't even need one. What do you ladies think? Do eyelash curlers make a difference? Do you ever use one?
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They definitely make a difference! Well, they do for mine anyways. I've used a few different ones (Clinique, Revlon, and Sephora). The best one? Sephora's! I got it in pink - I was feeling girly Smiley Wink
If your lashes are naturally a little straight, curling them makes a huge difference before applying mascara. Some people are blessed with naturally curled lashes, but most of us are unfortunately not. Curl them 3 times: At the lash bed, in the middle, and the tips. Curling them 3 times gives them a more natural curl vs. curling them once at the lash bed and having them end up at a 90 degree angle...

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