I'm 13 and i'm looking for a new eye-shadow. I don't want anything that's too expensive or will make me look too old. Maybe something that's appropriate for my age. Any idea's. I would prefer that you include a link in your responses! Thanks! <3

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Hi, Mandy99!  I was 13 when I started wearing makeup, and it was all drug store brands.  I still remember the Revlon quad that I used all the time, and I don't know how many I went through.  With what I know, I believe this would work well with a good primer. The neutral palette I had was called In The Buff




Another brand of drugstore quads I like are the Maybelline Eye Studio ones.  They're nicely pigmented and blend well.  With a good primer, you can probably wear the shades all day with no creasing. 




Depending on how much you're willing to spend, Kat Von D has some nice palettes and Urban Decay is always my go to brand.


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First of all, what is your complexion like? If you give us a little more information about your coloring, that will help us provide you with some colors to best suit your skin.  For example, are you fair with pink undertones? What are your undertones/skin color, eye color, and hair color?

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The urban decay naked basics palette is really nice. The colors blend well together and can be worn soft so it would be age appropriate. There is a matte black in the palette i would stay away from that for now if youre worried about not looking your age. Rest of the colors are beautiful and great for any age. Youtube has a lot of great tutorials for applying it as well so if you try this palette i recommend checking them out. 


Plus its a grea value! Only $27 

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Coming from a fellow teenager whos a little bit older than you (16 years old), I would recomend something from the Sephora brand of eyeshadows. Most are very affordable and usually Sephora offers a great selection of single eyeshadows as well as large palettes with a great selection of colors. If you want to branch from the Sephora line, I would try any eyeshadow palette from Stila such as: http://www.sephora.com/eye-shadow-set-P306405?skuId=1405943

or: http://www.sephora.com/stylish-in-seoul-travel-palette-P375165?skuId=1451293


The eyeshadows have great pigmentation and are amazing prices for what they're worth! I hope I could help!

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Wet-N-Wild eyeshadow trios are around $4 you can order them online, find them at walgreens, and find them at Target. They some of the nicest in the drugstore.


If you are looking a bit more high-end then I would say you should invest in a palette. you can get multiple shades to try for a nice price. Too Faced has some nice neutral palettes that run for about $38 I think. They come with handy cards that show you different ways of applying them. 

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