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 I am a mature woman ...over 50 ...I have blue/ grey eye color .  What would be a good color choise / company to look for shadows that would compliment my eye color .  I have found that too much shimmer  / metallic types only accentuate the fine lines and fine wrinkles around my eyes .  I want a modern look   and know that I can't wear these heavily metallic ones that look so great on much younger women .  Are moderate frosted shades appropriate for me ?  I have blonde highlited hair color .  I do get my brows colored from time to time to keep with a fresher  facial coloring since my hair has lost pigment . 

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To make your blue eyes really stand out, wear an eyeshadow that’s the opposite of your eye shade on the color spectrum.  For instance, peachy brown hues make blue eyes pop.  However, blues eyes and eyeshadow colors vary depending on hair color.

Blondes with blue eyes look best in cool shades such as:

  • pale to medium blue
  • pale pink
  • violet
  • purple
  • deep or midnight blue
  • peachy brown

Neutral colors that work for blue-eyed people with any skintone and hair color are:

  • peachy brown
  • white
  • grey
  • khaki
  • chocolate brown
  • camel

Mature skin looks better with matte eyeshadows because the shimmery-finished ones just make fine lines and wrinkles more visible. 

Urban Decay has some great matte-finished eyeshadows that you can look at: 

Make Up For Ever has some very pretty matte colors, but you have to read the description beside each color to make sure it is a matte finish.  You can find it at:  http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P12633&categoryId=B70

Also, take a look at Bobbi Brown's Matte Eyeshadows, which come in beautiful colors:  http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P270568&categoryId=B70

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At your age i wouldn't go for bright or metallic colors. These will just make you look silly at your age. I'd go for a natural look. On the beauty advice home they have a no makeup look to make it look like you're wearing no makeup. I'd definitely go with neutral shades of eyeshadow. Perhaps the Too faced natural eye palette. 

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