Eye products you wish existed?

What eye products do you wish existed and don't? what innovative products do you wish you had every morning?

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I agree with islandqt about the automatic eyelash putter on-er!! I've had a heck of a time this week getting my falsies on!


( Off topic: I would also like an at home  foot spa that did the whole pedicure for you!!!!)

Girrl! I am LOVING your foot spa idea. You get the patent, I work on the design and we make a billion dollars. deal?
DEAL!! LOL! But don't you think we should make your falsie machine, too???? Smiley Happy
You know, i didn't want to be greedy and corner the market but to hell with it!
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i really enjoy those ideas ladies!! Sephora, i hope you're writing this down!!! lol
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