Eye Makeup Ideas for Mint Green
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Hello, i got a mint green dress for a formal event and i need an eye makeup looks that will look nice with my dress. I have deep skin, dark brown eyes, and my hair is black. HELP PLEASE Smiley Happy


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hey the link I posted got edited out but it was a makeup tutorial on Lisa Eldridge's channel where guest artist Mary Greenwell does makeup on a redhead using the YSL pure chromatics palette in #4. The palette has a highlight color, a mint green, a pinky purple shade and a deeper aubergine shade. The way she used all four colours is just gorgeous and I think would look perfect with your dress.


Good luck!

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I'm so obsessed with mint. It looks very cool with a silver eye look, gold works too, and my favorite is actually cat-eye + tangerine lips. I love pairing my mint clothe with my Korres Mango lip butter, a sheer orange. It really brightens the outfit and my complexion.

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I think that a deep brown smokey eye with a winged eyeliner and dramatic lashes would look really good. You could also do a silver/gray smokey eye, but I don't think that looks as good on deeper skin tones as brown smokey eyes do. I would use some peachy blush and a nude or light pink lipstick. Also, you could try to do a nice neutral eye (champagne on lid, medium brown in crease, deeper brown on outer V) and do a bright pink lip because I think that would give of a "watermelon" look

Hope this helped!



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I would go with a gold/ bronze smokey eye. Mint and gold go beautifully together. Use a bronzer too and maybe a pink or purple lip (if you're a fan of lipstick).


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haha! I too am obsessed! with mint green, which is weird because it was on the runways in 2012 but only now an I seeing the color available on the open market.


There are lots of options with this color.


I know you may think it's too safe but a simple natural eye with nice long lashes and beautiful red blush, lipstick and nails would look great with this look. Just make sure the red on your lips and nails is not too dark. For it to carry off the mint it should be a nice vibrant color.


If you want a look that is a bit more romantic then you can use purple. Now, whether you use a red-based purple or a blue-based purple is up to you. I think using a red/pink based purple will look more romantic. However if you want to be a bit more daring/sexy, a deep, dark violet smokey eye would look fab with your dress, just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup fresh and toned down, a nude lip would be preferable.


If you want to keep your look very innocent then go for a peachy/gold look. I'm thinking eyeshadows like MAC's paradisco, amber lights, goldmine etc. You can go somewhat monochromatic with this by adding some peach blush to the cheeks and then a peachy-nude colour to your lips topped with some gold-flecked lip gloss. OPI's Samoan Sand, Butter London's Trustafarian and Sephora by OPI's What's Your Sign are all good nail polishes for this look.


here is an idea of a look that I think would be perfect for the ideal "sweet summer" look:



I hope this helps!

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