Does any company have a nice blue smokey eye palette that is under $15?
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I know how to do a smokey eye I just can never find the right colors at a good price that go together. Please help!

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Blue Smokey Eyes are beautiful; It creates a more suttle look from the original!

Although, at Sephora it's ahrd to find one for only fifteen dollars.

If you want a good pallette for like ten dollars, you can go to a local department store and pick up

Prussian  by MAC, it's $14. It's just as good as anything from Sephora, I'm actually suprised that they haven't cosigned.

But if you save up a bit more, or whatevere, you could get a really nice pallette from the Kat Von D, it's called The True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven, which is about $30.
Hope this helped!


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thank you very much for you sugestion. I was also wondering how to APPLY a SUBTLE blue smokey eye meaning what colors to use, using the beethoven palette. And it has to be subtle becaus my boyfriend hates! heavy or dark make up!
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