Do fake lashes go on before or after eye shadow and eye liner?

I assume that fake eye lashes go on I wrong? Also...I have trouble putting on fake eyelashes and making sure they stay on...any tips?

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The best way to apply fake lashes is after eyeshadow and liner. This way, your lashes will blend perfectly onto the eyeliner and avoid any annoying gaps that may show up between your real lashes and the fake lashes. Of course, sometimes the lashes will stay on better if you apply them before any liner but you may need to do a little filling in.


Make sure the majority of the lash glue is on the outer corners and the middle of the lash. Apply a small bit of glue using tweezers or a pointed stick and let it dry a bit so it is not too wet or gloppy before you glue them on. This will keep the lashes from peeling off the lids too much, or from taking too long to dry.


Curl your lashes first and apply mascara before applying your false lashes. This will ensure that the lashes blend in with your real lashes more evenly. You can always apply another coat or two of mascara (as I do) to your false lashes after they are glued on, for a more dramatic or intense look. I hope this helps! <3

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