Do fake lashes go on before or after eye shadow and eye liner?

I assume that fake eye lashes go on I wrong? Also...I have trouble putting on fake eyelashes and making sure they stay on...any tips?

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The best way to apply fake lashes is after eyeshadow and liner. This way, your lashes will blend perfectly onto the eyeliner and avoid any annoying gaps that may show up between your real lashes and the fake lashes. Of course, sometimes the lashes will stay on better if you apply them before any liner but you may need to do a little filling in.


Make sure the majority of the lash glue is on the outer corners and the middle of the lash. Apply a small bit of glue using tweezers or a pointed stick and let it dry a bit so it is not too wet or gloppy before you glue them on. This will keep the lashes from peeling off the lids too much, or from taking too long to dry.


Curl your lashes first and apply mascara before applying your false lashes. This will ensure that the lashes blend in with your real lashes more evenly. You can always apply another coat or two of mascara (as I do) to your false lashes after they are glued on, for a more dramatic or intense look. I hope this helps! <3

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I put on my shadow first, then falsies, then liner. That way the liner can cover up any irregularities in your application of the false eyelashes.

I put the glue on the false lashes, let it dry a bit until it's tacky, then apply. That way you aren't getting runny glue all over everywhere, and it doesn't get on your real lashes as much. I don't have trouble keeping them on unless it is really warm out, then I think my lids perspire/get oily which can cause them to loosen. Using falsies is mostly just practice, you will get better at it with time.

Good luck !


I have always put on all eye make up before Smiley Happy

But here are some really good tips to save time and get a very natural but bold too Smiley Happy

1. Use a liquid waterproof eye liner with a eyeliner brush to apply eyeliner.

2. Also use the brush at the very base of natural lashes and blend into lashes and the base of your eye lid, this will eliminate that gap look after applying falsies. Using liquid eye liner with a brush takes a little practice but once you get it down you will never use another eyeliner Smiley Happy

3. While the eyeliner is drying, cut your falsies into 3 pieces. This is where you will save time getting them nice and even without fiddling with the corners popping up (SOOOO AGGERVATING!) trying to get the falsies strait and even.

4. place a drop or two of black adhesive onto a clean surface or a lid of a old med bottle.  

5. Use tweezers to grab falsies and lightly dip the falsies into adhesive, do not saturate lashes. Just enough to see it on the band.

6. Allow to dry for just a little bit, but remember your not fighting with a long strip that will pop up at the corners so you don't have to let it get real tacky.

7. Set the falsies starting from the inner of eye lid and work your way out or vise versa depending which eye your working on and if your right or left handed Smiley Happy

8. Take a very thin brush and dip into adhesive, then apply a very small amount back over the entire base of band. This will insure a great hold all day long! Smiley Happy 

8. Wile your waiting for the adhesive to dry, do something (optional) like get dressed or answer an unanswered text lol.

9. After adhesive has dried go back over the base of lash strip with eye liner one more time to get an even and straight eyeliner look, then apply mascara and blend your natural and falsies together.

The moral to these Tips

Cutting your eye lashes into 3 parts and dipping into adhesive is most important part to save you from messy adhesive smearing all over your eye lid, and setting them exactly where you want with tweezers without fighting the corners. YEA!!


Believe me I been wearing them everyday for a few years now and tried every and anything that was suggested. I think you are going love this!


Hope this helps!



I apply my eyeshadow and then apply false lashes.  Then I wait for the glue on the lashes to dry, then apply liner and mascara.  Applying a liquid eyeliner over the lashes gives them a more natural appearance and allows you to fill in any "gaps" that show between your false eyelashes and your real lashes. 

In case you're interested, here are a few tips about caring for your false eyelashes:

Cleaning False Eyelashes:  If you applied a layer of mascara after applying your false lashes, you need to clean off that mascara, or your false eyelashes will become brittle and break.  You also need to remove the small strip of adhesive from the backside of the lashes, which you can do by gently lifting the adhesive with your fingers and gently pulling it back on itself until it comes off.  After the adhesive is removed, lay the eyelashes on a tissue and use a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to rub the eyelashes from root to tip until they are completely clean.

Storing False Eyelashes:  The way to store false eyelashes is to place them back in the case they came in when you purchased them—that case already has a ridge that you can stick the eyelashes on to keep their shape.  If you've already thrown out that case, you can use a small matchbox to keep them protected so they are available the next time you want to use them.

By the way, I personally love Urban Decay Urban Lash false eyelashes because they come with a great adhesive glue that stays put, plus I think they are really easy to work with because they are high quality and they have so many different styles to choose from which you can find here:  

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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Before eye shadow and eyeliner

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After.  However, there are exceptions.  For example, if the clear glue shows, you can put liquid eyeliner over it -- or use black glue.  Jeannie Mai from the Style Network has some nice tutorials on false eyelashes you can check out for more tips.

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For me it depends on the lash, but definitely after eyeshadow and after curling my lashes.


If the band is clear and flexible, I do liner after to cover the band. The glue I use (House of Lashes) dries completely clear.


If the lashes are really dense, making the band really thick, I do liner first because there is no way I'm going to get liner to go over the thick band.


Lastly I apply mascara at the roots of my natural lashes and press them together with the falsies.


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I apply everything first. My big secret for fake lashes is to apply the glue directly to my eyelids. I put the glue exactly where I want the lashes to go (using a brush) and then put the lashes on that glue. Afterwards, I use more eyeliner to blend in the lashes with the eyeliner that is already there. 


I put the lashes on after liner because sometimes there's a gap between my natural lashes and fake lashes and I want it to look like I have thick lashes, not wearing fake lashes! I've had a lot of people mention how awesome my eyes look and when I said they were fake, they were surprised and then asked me for help in putting them on. 

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Hey there. So I find they go on much better after eyeshadow but put the liner on after.  There are some really good videos on youtube to show you how to put them on. I actually learnt how to put them on by watching one of Emilynoel83's videos.  The video is called Favorite False Eyelashes + Tutorial if you would like to watch it. 



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What I do and have seen done on professional videos is:


All eye makeup goes on before for eyelashes except for the mascara. Once the falsies are on use lots of mascara to blend them in.  Fake eyelashes are easier to stay and put on if you use pieces instead of the whole strip and to make them natural looking cut the hairs jagged rather than using falsies of uniform length.

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