Disney Princesses.

I just ordered the Cinderella eyeshadow quad. Is Sephora planning on doing more collections with the Disney Princesses?

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I see Jasmine collection! Holy....there's an eyeliner set! That is so fitting. I like the eyeshadow colors, altho the blush/bronzer would be better for darker skintone.swfupload_364726225418479934.jpg

That packaging is to die for!!!
I am a super Disney fan, I think I'll try to get my hands on the eyeliner set. So far the Cinderella Storylook palette is wonderful. I don't think I'll get the palette for a few reasons. 1. I have too many eyeshadows already haha, 2. I don't use bronzer, and the blush is a bit dark, and 3. I'll need to see it for myself, but from the picture it's looking like there's a few dupes (lower left corner, looks like royal, next to it looks like fairy godmother) But that middle row... with the orange and rich brown and sandy color.... that's tempting.... haha

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AHHH I'm so excited! I thought about buying the Cinderella stuff just because it was cute, but it wasn't really *me*. I'm glad I waited because Jasmine is way more my style AND my coloring (I am a middle-eastern girl). YAY!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy
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