Daytime Mascara for Redheads

I'm a redhead and normally I use dark brown or black mascara but I would like to get a lighter daytime mascara for the days I do not use eyeshadow or eyeliner. If I leave lashes bare they are so light you can't see them, but if I use too dark of a mascara without anything else on my eyes it looks unnatural. Any suggestions?

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The closest was a discontinued gold (bronze) mascara from Victoria's Secret.  Have not seen a replica in years.  Otherwise, there is not much selection of an auburn, golden/brown, or bronze color. 


There are browns that are lighter in color but may still require a little bit of tightlining (if gaps are bothersome).  The brown colors offered from Lancome might be worth looking into.  Dior and Givenchy might have a lighter brown too. 


Other colors that might be worth checking out:  Greys (YSL's Faux Clis Sublime Grey 8), Burgundy or Plums (Faux Clis Burgundy 5).  While not considered natural colors, both colors tend to bring more attention to the eye color than the mascara hue. 


For daytime, lightly coat and try not to pile on the mascara formula.  Make sure the wand is not overloaded with product (remove excess with a paper towel).  This make take more time and brushing through the lashes.  However, it should help achieve more softer and natural looking lashes.


Hope that helps. 


{well if its red id suggest to get a purple mascara this lol i bought a colour like this for my eyes and it like goes a random brown colour...but i hav black lashes...however my friend has red hair and it goes on her eyelashes a good like matches more. if you cant find a mascara this colour then get a lash accelerator(sp?) because they're usually clear......hope this helps! } 

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I am having the same problem. My lashes are so light that if I use mascara, they look unnaturally dark to me. I guess there aren't enough of us with the problem for the big manufacturers to make a product for us. Sigh.

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I know that there are a few drugstore mascaras that are considered natural, there is a swirled one with brown and gold that would look more natural on you.  I know there are more that have a brown tint, natural is in right now and I think almost every brand has a natural one.

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My mom and I are redheads. I always stick with black mascara personally. However she uses the Just for Redhead's cosmetics line and really loves it. I knew they would have the mascara colors you would be looking for. They currently are having a sale too. Take a look and let me know what you think!


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@Rosegold- You could always look into using a chestnut colored mascara. Hope this helps!

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I hate to suggest another line of makeup that is not carried by Sephora, but maybe they will see that there is a section of the public that needs more attention.  Try Just For Redheads website.  They carry several mascara formulas in 4 different shades: dark brown, light brown (cocoa), red, and auburn (dark red).  I have not tried their mascaras because I have naturally dark eyelashes and can find browns fairly easily so I can't say how well they perform.


Good luck!  I hope this helps!

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