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I have medium colored skin (not too dark and not too light) and I sometimes don’t like to wear eyeliner and mascara.  Sometimes I just want to wear only mascara, but get a dark/bold look with my mascara.  I don’t think it matters which mascara I use, I just want that type of look. I’ve tried several times to try to get the look, but it doesn’t seem to look as dark and bold as I want it to look….


If nobody knows what I'm talking about, well there is one youtube guru I always watch and love, it's ciaoobelllaxo and the best video that she has this look is called "Colorful Mermaid Eye-Look".  


I tried attaching a picture, but doesn't show up on when I click browse and look for the picture...but i hope you guys get the idea.


My mascara doesn't pop out as much....what can I do to make it look bold/dark??? 


Any suggestions???



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I would definitely recommend YSL Shocking mascara, Lancome Definicils, and Too Faced Size Queen. I use all three of these on a daily basis and do a thin black liner across my top lash line. The thin line of black liner really makes a ton of difference compared to just using mascara alone. YSL Shocking mascara is awesome, the brush works really well to coat lashes evenly. Too Faced Size Queen has a GIANT brush with all different lengths of bristles and it works wonders. I have medium length lashes that are blond, almost like they are clear. If I am not wearing mascara, it looks like I dont have any lashes. Layer all three of these, or at the very least, use the YSL Shocking and the Too Faced Size Queen... I promise you wont be disappointed. Lashes are my thing and I have searched and searched for way to get super long, curled, and dramatic lashes WITHOUT having to wear false lashes. So far, the best ive come across is using the three mascaras I listed all together and see how that does for you. Also remember the thin line of jet black liner across the top lash line, that makes a world of difference and will make your lashes look more dramatic. I hope this helps you =)

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