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Concealer for black eye after surgery
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I recently had surgery and have a fairly large red/black bruise under one eye.  I'm looking for a good concealer which will hide my black eye until it heals so that I can go out in public without being stared at (it looks like I got punched in the eye).  It is quite dark and I'd like to be able to hide it without it being too un-natural looking.  I have fair skin and freckles.  Any suggestions on a good, "heavy duty" concealer with staying power to last all day?

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I had a black eye after a bad fall while skating. The only think that I used was a Lancome liquid concealer for eyes, in my natural shade. I tried to build it up a bit in the darker areas. It took me 1 month to clear my eye completely. Also wear sunglasses whenever possible. Good luck!

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