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Concealer for black eye after surgery
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I recently had surgery and have a fairly large red/black bruise under one eye.  I'm looking for a good concealer which will hide my black eye until it heals so that I can go out in public without being stared at (it looks like I got punched in the eye).  It is quite dark and I'd like to be able to hide it without it being too un-natural looking.  I have fair skin and freckles.  Any suggestions on a good, "heavy duty" concealer with staying power to last all day?

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First, prep the area you're wanting to conceal with a primer. Smashbox makes an under eye primer, as does Benefit and Urban Decay (Eden) make eye shadow primers that can be used under the eyes as well.


To help with concealing a black eye, determine what kind of undertone it has. If the bruising area has a very red undertone, use a dab of green concealer to tone down the red. If it's still very purple, use a yellow based concealer (UD's Eden has a nice yellow base to it so it can double as a primer and nuetralizer). If the area has started to fade into a greenish shade, you can even apply a dab or two of a red lipstick to help tone it out. If it has more of a cool, blue tone, use a peach/salmon based concealer to neutralize (Eve Pearl makes a wonderful salmon tinted one).


After the area is primed and neutralized, follow up with a neutral toned concealer, as it's the under eye area you're covering, try not get a color that matches up 100%, instead go for a shade a bit lighter as the eye area is normally more sunken into the face and you don't want natural shadows causing the area to looker darker with an exact match. Pick a concealer that is highly pigmented and a bit on the creamier side. You may want to work with it/warm it up with a concealer brush on the back of your hand to make the product more mallable. Normally stick concealers, or potted concealers work best for this. If you pick a liquid concealer, be sure its pigment quality is high, like one from Amazing Cosmetics.


Look into brands like Dermablend (which is made for anything from surgery cover up, birth marks, hyperpigmentation, and tattoos). They have potted concealers, liquids, and stick to choose from I've worked with Dermablend and there's a variety of options to pick from in terms of shades. I used this brand on a client who had suffered a black eye after passing out and hitting her face on a table from medication she was on and needed to be on vacation to Europe in a matter of two days and didn't want her photos ruined with the look of the black eye. Dermablend covered it right up! It's long wearing and water resistant/proof!




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Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer should work wellSmiley Happy


Hi shinereye,


You could use the Bobbi Brown concealer kit it has a corrector and concealer in one kit. Hope this helps!

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