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Ok so I don't get a lot of sleep at night and I always wake up in the morning with big bags under my eyes that are definitely darker than my skin tone but not like severe dark circles. What concealer do you recommend for this? ( I want to look refreshed and awake. ) 

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Hi, cloey.  If you have severe dark circles, a brightening concealer is probably not going to do the job of covering up the darkness.  My favorite concealer works great for covering dark circles because it won't settle into the creases around your eyes, plus it is full coverage so it will definitely give you the coverage you need and still look natural at the same time.  It is Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer which is a full-coverage, natural-looking concealer that’s ideal for any kind of imperfection (but especially dark circles).  The highly pigmented, super-emollient, waterproof formula blends seamlessly into your skin, giving you a flawless finish to your complexion that looks and feels natural.  The Amazing Concealer is formulated to erase all skin imperfections:  dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes, redness and more.  Unlike traditional concealers, the Amazing Concealer is so concentrated that you only need to use tiny pin-dot amounts of product to create flawless coverage.  And it does not settle into fine lines when used around the eye area.  You can find it here:

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