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Can I wear blue or green eyeshadows with my green eyes?
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 I'm blond and pale, with cool tones.  Usually I use copper/light brown/plum/gold tones, but I want to try something new.  I have a ton of palettes with greens and blues that I never use, so I really want to figure out how I could incorporate them without looking like a clown.


Edit: Okay, thank you all so much!  I'll try those ideas.

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 See how Gwyneth is wearing blue eyeshadow with blue eyes and it looks absolutely stunning? the same goes for green eyes. You can definitely wear Green shadow with green eyes but the key is to use different, contrasting shades to create depth.

I don't think just a swipe of a green shadow all over your lid will cut it to be honest. I think darker shades of green mixed with lighter ones or other shades that have green tones will be good for you.

A combo that may look nice:

Take a light green color and place that all over your lid. Then take MAC's Club eyeshadow and blend that in your outer corner and crease. Club is  a must-have for ladies with green or Hazel eyes. Finish off with dark brown eyeliner on the upper lashline and lower waterline and apply mascara.

That's just one option and there are plenty others. Just follow your gut and experiment!


Good Luck!

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You could use the brighter blues and greens as an eyeliner.

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yeah, of course you can. It would look great. How about starting out by just using it in the lowerlashline instead of eyeliner. Like, do your neutral eye with a pop of green or blue at the bottom. It's a nice pop of color without being too crazy, or screaming hey I'm wearing blue (green) eyeshadow. Also, doing a smokey eye with navy blue in the crease instead of a smokey gray looks amazing. Good luck hun!

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