By the end of the day, my makeup is gone or smudged under my eyes

No matter how I apply in the morning, by the time I come home, you would never know I had any makeup on, except for the black pools of mascara that smudge without fail under my eyes.

As a high school student, I don't have chances to reapply throughout the day.

Are there ways to keep everything on longer? I have used a mineral primer, but it doesn't seem to help much.

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If you're using bare minerals primer I can tell you this - Woman Sad it sucks, IMO!


I suggest Smashbox Photo Finish Primer its amazing! Its a bit on the expensive side so if money matters I highly suggest Sephora smoothing primer which I swear feels exactly the same and works really well too but for half the cost! 


Good luck! 

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I would switch to waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Oily skin and eyelids can dissolve makeup. I am not a fan of silicone based primers. I think they are best for mature, drier skins only, and look slick, and feel slick on oilier skins.


Matte, silicone free primer:


Waterproof eyeliner

Makeup Forever, Aqua Eyes


I think powder foundation, has longer wear, and stays matte easier, than a liquid foundation, if you have problems with oil break through. Needs less attention and touch ups.


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I don't know your skin type, but if you have oily or combination skin you should try a foundation primer dedicated to controlling oiliness such as Givenchy "Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer" which works great for me.  As far as keeping your mascara in place, you should probably switch to a waterproof formula because it will hold up longer.  You should also wear a mascara primer, such as Dior's "DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum" which not only makes your mascara look much better but it has ingredients that help your lashes to grow longer and healthier at the same time.  It's rather pricey, but it lasts for quite some time since you only need apply it once a day.  You can find it on Sephora's website at:

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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All mineral primers I have tried don't work so, I wouldn't use those. Try using a creme primer. for lips I recommend urban decays lip primer. Eyes: eyeshadow primer potion, urban decay. Face: completion primer potion, urban decay. Lash: eyelash primer potion, urban decay





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Smashbox is in my opinion the best primer to hold your foundation on. Use an eye primer also, such as Urban Decay or Too Faced so your eyeshadow won't come off. Use waterproof mascara such as Makeup Forever Smoky Lash. MAKE SURE you are using a foundation that is oil free. Smiley Happy

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