what are the main brushes you need for the eyes??

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I use mostly MAC brushes, but I love the 239 for lid color, 217 and 224 for highlight and crease work. I also love the 231 and 219.
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a flat lay-down brush for really packing on colour and preferably thin enough that you can run it along the lower lash line as well:

examples: MAC 239 brush or the Sephora IT medium shader brush:


A blending brush for blending out harsh lines and softening your eyeshadow in the crease especially:

Examples: MAC 217 (the best in my opinion) or the sephora IT blending brush : 


A contour crease brush, especially useful for doing any kind of smokey eye and applying color into the crease.

examples: Revlon contour crease brush ( my fave) or Sephora platinum natural crease brush:


Pencil or dome-shaped brush for smoking out eyeshadow/liner along the lash line, or applying shadow to set on the lower lash line:

Examples: MAC 219, Paula Dorf Smokey lid brush, or Sephora platinum smokey eye brush:


Lastly an angled or non-angled liner brush to use with pot gel eyeliners/ liquids etc. for doing thin lines, kitten flicks etc,

Examples: MAC 209 or MAC 266, Eco-tools slanted liner brush, Sephora platinum angled eyeliner brush or angled liner brush :


Good luck and I hope this helps!!



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The one eye shadow brush i can not live without is Sephora's #13 roounded crease brush. I blends great and it is good quality.

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The main brushes that I use everyday are:

  • Blending brush
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Crease brush
  • Small eyeshadow brush
  • Large all-over shadow brush
  • Concealer brush

I hope this answers your questions. Smiley Happy

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I would add to mdlsksweethrt's list a spoolie brush. This is a long skinny brush that you can use to remove clumps of mascara from your eyelashes if you have a problem with your mascara. I like a spoolie better than an eyelash comb because I don't poke myself in the eye with it as much (clumsy, I know!) It separates the eyelashes and smooths the mascara along the length of your lashes. 

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Eyeshadow, concealer (for under eyes) and eyeliner

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 - a b s o l u t e l y   n e c e s s a r y - 

Flat eyeshadow brush (sometimes known as a paddle brush) - for applying color and packing it on.

Fluffy blending brush - For blending out edges of color and creating a diffused crease.

Eyeliner brush - For applying color onto the lash lines or even making a defined crease.

- l u x u r i e s -

Pencil brush - for blending out eyeliner or applying soft liner, also for making cut creases.


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