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Bold daytime eye
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Of course there is no cut and dried rule for this, but how bold of an eye look do you think is okay for daytime vs. nighttime? I don't go out too often at night, don't go to clubs or anything anymore, but I just love love love eyeshadow. Neutrals are great but I want to get in on some color action as well. I'm sure it depends a lot on personal style and all, but I also don't want to be walking around looking *crazy* during the day. What do you think is a daytime-appropriate bold/colorful eye look, or some guidelines?

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You could use liquid eyeshadow because it has so much more depth and brings a presspowder shadow to (im gonna sound like im trying to telll you something and its going to sound corny) new hights. Also instead of using a different eye shadow you can use a neutral shadow with a bold liqud linner like in hot pink or a more suddly bold look navy blue or dark green. Sometimes i even so a suddly cat eye or add some sparkles to mix things up.

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