Blue mascara

Could anyone recommend a good blue mascara?

I used to have the BADgal blue by Benefit, but they no longer carry it...



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Hey there (:

Blue mascara is hott right now!


If you want to save then try out Hard Candy's Lash call- Lengthening Mascara in Peacock.

The colori s very vibrant and noticable.

Retails for about $6 at Walmart. (Hard Candy is only sold at Walmart)


If you want Splurge, then I suggest Diorshow Mascara in Azure Blue which retails for $25.


I'd choose Hard Candy Mascara over Dior anyday since I found Dior to be very clumpy and always fell off within in an hour (FYI: I always wear eyelash primer) But then again everyone is different.



Happy Shopping!

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