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I have long eyelashes, high cheek bones and fat cheeks and deepset eyes. I end up with "black eyes" before the day is even 1/2 over because my eyeliner and mascara gets all under my eyes. I have used waterproof and still the same problem. I have been told to go without.... No! Is there a good product that I can use? I have really sensitive skin and eyes. I have to be very careful of what I use. I will be 32 in July and I have been wearing make-up since I was 14yrs old. That's almost a 16yr problem I would LOVE to solve.

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Do you use any primers? A few companies have mascara primer that you can use to help keep your mascara in place. Another item that sounds like it might be beneficial to you is Benefit She Laq!

It is a makeup sealer that can be used on eyelashes, eyelids, and lips as a top coat to really seal your makeup!

It comes with all of the brushes you need for various applications. This might be a better deal than a primer because it has multiple applications.

I used it on my lipstick and over my mascara this weekend and it really works. You can use it on eyeliner, too. Just not on your waterline.

A little goes a loooong way, so don't be heavy handed with it.

You can find it here:

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Also, make sure when you apply your eye cream that you don't put it directly on the moving lid of the eye - just on the orbital bone surrounding (just below the brow and just above the cheek). There are no pores on the eyelids and thus putting cream there will make it "slippery when wet" and nothing will adhere properly! Remember to wait 2 minutes after eye cream before makeup as well. Smiley Very Happy
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I have given primers a try.... still not much help. I will definately give the She Laq a try. Thank you so much for your advice.
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No problem! Smiley Wink
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