Best glitter eyeliner without parabens
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What are the best sparkly or glitter eyeliners that do not contain parabens?



I am looking for two specific kinds:


First, I'm looking for a a bright purple or violet, dark raspberry or plum color

with good, lasting pigment.


2nd, I'm also looking for a more sheer glittery gold or iridescent liner

(to apply over the first liner).



( ** N O   P A R A B E N S !  ** )



Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Thank you!

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Hi!  Here is a suggestion for the glittery gold:


an amazing eyeliner with two plum shades and two violet shades to choose from (and it lasts forever): 


I know the second recommendation isn't super glittery, but I think it would be a nicer effect to put glitter on top of just shimmer, rather than glitter on glitter.  Also, I would not recommend the Hello Kitty Glittercute eyeliner pencils-i had one in grape, and consequently had glitter on my face for the next week every time I used it.  Hope this helps!

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Here are two brands of glitter eyeliners that did not have parabens in the ingredients list. Hope this helps!


Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner

TARINA TARANTINO Eyelicity Glitter Eyeliner



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