Best eyeliner for tight lining?

I just started tight lining my eyes... It makes my eyes look so much bigger and my lashes look a lot thicker. What is a great eyeliner that wont wear off after a couple hours? Even my MUFE eyeliner doesnt stay for more than a few hours. Any suggestions?

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In my opinion, the best eyeliners designed for lining the inner rim (or waterline) of your eye are:

1) Buxom Insider Eyeliner which is specifically designed for the inner rim of the eye and comes in a variety of colors which you can find at;jsessionid=5TY12HHPUNRVQCV0KSIAIGQ?id=P243800&categoryId...

2) Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener which is a very gentle, light-colored eyeliner that makes your eyes appear larger, wide-open and awake.  You can find out more about at:

By the way, since you just started lining your waterline, here are a few tips I though you might find helpful:
If you are going to line your waterline, I'd recommend using an eyeliner pencil designed specifically for the inner rim of the eye.  It helps the eyeliner to stay on better if the waterline is dry, so before applying my liner, I always take a Q-tip and gently run it along my waterline to make sure it is dry.  Apply the eyeliner at the base of your upper lashes by wiggling the eyeliner tip along the upper lash line working it into the base of and between your lashes.  When lining the lower waterline, it helps me to pull slightly down on my lower lid so it pulls my lower rim away from my eyeball so I don't accidentally poke myself in the eye.  Gently line the inner rim with your eyeliner pencil and you're finished.

Some eyeliners will come off the waterline with just water on a Q-tip.  For more stubborn eyeliners, just take a small amount of really gentle eye makeup remover (I prefer Make Up For Ever's Sens'Eyes) on a Q-tip and stroke the Q-tip along your waterline as you would when applying the eyeliner.

Hope this helps!
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This is not a suggestion for a liner, but a tip that might help your MUFE last longer,

try using a cotton swab to dry the waterline before you apply it, right after you dry it with the cottonswab, apply liner, try not to blind! the whole idea is to get your waterliner dry for it to stick well Smiley Happy




Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner. It's made specifically for tightlining your eyes, and it works really well. Laura Mercier Tightline Activator goes with it to make it a liquid that dries quickly, too. I never was too big of a fan of cake liners, but that part of your eye is a little moist so it absorbs the moisture instead of wearing off like pencils do, and it's really pigmented.


Hope this helps!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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The Eyeko liners work well for me. The tip is super fine and also easy to control.

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Kat Von D or Stila is the BEST!!!

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This can't be bought at Sephora but the Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil lasts forever! And its waterproof for the most part (in my experience)


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okay i know exactly what you need , make sure you try tarte;s emphasEyes high defination eye pencil. I tryed it before and it makes your eyes look so big and sexy lol i got so many compliments, they also have a limited edition one that is only 8 dollars on sale right now! i highly reccomend it because even tho it is a pencil IT DOES NOT RUN AT ALL , which is a must for me!!!!



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I just tried it this weekend with my Smashbox Jet Set Liner, it's water resistant, I used bronze but black would work well for tightlining.  I used a flat liner brush to press it into the spots between my lashes.  To make your eyes look brighter, you can use buxom insider liner in pearl on your lower waterline.

Jet Set Waterproof Eye LinerInsider EyelinerFlat Eye Liner Brush

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